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Many Doors Opened, Many Lives Touched.
Due to an unparalleled commitment to customer service, many satisfied clients have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciates reviews. If you would be interested in receiving letters of recommendation, please email that request today so they can be sent over. Thanks again, and if you have any other requests for information regarding buying or selling be sure to visit the request information section.
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"Trish helped me both buy and sell a home this year. I was more than happy with her attentiveness, kindness, and expertise. She responded quickly to ... more "
by user8646796
"Trish is one of the most personable realtors out there! She helped my husband and I find the perfect home. She is knowledgeable not only about the ... more "
by EmilyWilliams67
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Trish Hopkins-RE/MAX Professionals

Trish is like family

Know that verse in Hebrews about entertaining angels? That's the verse I think of when I think of Trish. She's been our realtor on the purchase of two homes and the sale of another, and each time, she's blessed our family beyond measure. She's like family to us, and we love her dearly. I've trusted her with my family, and she's always gone above and beyond every single time. Her servant's heart, joy for others, and unparalleled judgement can bless you in the same ways.
-Chris G 

An Amazing Realtor and Friend

We are so appreciative of your work not only on helping us find and close on our first home in such a short time period, but the service we have received after closing dealing with any issues that have arisen. You are always there for us in our corner with a positive ready to help attitude. We not only consider you an amazing realtor but a friend.
Josh & Valentina T.

Very Nice and Loving!

You demonstrated LOVE this past year by inviting Debi and I over to your home to feed/care for us…very nice and loving!
Steve S.

You Truly Care

Precious Trish.
You have been FAMILY to us. You have given us HONEST GUIDANCE. We want and TRUST your opinion. You allow WISDOM into your business and relationships. This is so valuable. We treasure your FRIENDSHIP so much. You truly CARE for your clients, their families and their well-being. You don't let them make bad decisions, even when the pressure is on and the stakes are high.
We love you!

A Breath of Fresh Air

You have been such a breath of fresh air.  My favorite part about our relationship with you is after we purchased our home, you have made a genuine effort to be a part of our lives and bless us in practical ways.  You gave us a freezer, you checked in on us during our crazy season of life, and you even helped us find a realtor in Oklahoma.  You have gone above and beyond serving us.  Thank you!

Thank You For Listening

I love your smile and kind caring nature.  I loved how you listened to me.
Terri H.

Thank You

Happy New Year Trish!
I liked that we felt like we were your only customers. Looking back I wonder if we really were because it seems like we took up so much of your time :)
House update - We spent our Christmas break putting in new flooring on our main floor in order to open up the entry way and get rid of that ugly/stained laminate in the kitchen. It looks great! So last year we did the floors, the kitchen lighting, backsplash and countertops!

Attention to Detail

We loved the following;
Your LOVE for God
Your professionalism
Your attention to detail
Your experience


You Made Our Dream Happen

I LOVED seeing you in your element. You have just a great honest/realistic view of the housing market. You made a dream happen for so many ways. I am so grateful, and happy in our home. I felt confident that you knew what we could negotiate when we found our home, and appreciated when you told us certain houses were not the right fit, and not a good investment.
I like the postcards you send in the mail, with a coupon on it. I think I've used every one....
Love you!
Stephanie and Joel


Hi Trish,
I especially liked the way you could come in and stage an updated look that you knew clients would relate too.


She Truly Cares

What I’d like homeowners and potential homeowners to know is that Trish Hopkins is the most knowledgeable and professional residential broker I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. But she’s much more. Trish is an unusually gifted broker who treats all of her clients as though they were family. She truly cares and backs her caring with outstanding effort and expertise at every step of the process. Trish has earned my highest respect for how she handles her professional activities and clients needs. 
- Jim A.

You Came Through

Thanks so much for your help with Josh and Val last year.  Kathy and I found that situation to be a tough one...I'm not sure, but I'd bet it was frustrating for you too.  BUT you showed up at the meeting as your cheerful and smiley self and gave Josh and Val the advice they needed. 
You were honest and straight forward while being gentle with the truth, and helped get them onboard with the process.  Josh seemed ambivalent with the process, but you nudged him gently to the finish line.  You went out and found several homes that suited their needs and desires and eventually they bought one. 
They may not appreciate it now, but they were LUCKY to have you on their team.  Kathy and I are thankful that you were there for them, and I'm hoping some day they will be too.  Thanks so much for everything you did for us all.  Once again you came through for your clients.

Very Positive Experience

Our experience was very positive overall. I liked working with you regarding small details to improve the look of the apartment. Thank you for your patience. Diego appreciates your efficiency.

Thank God for Trish

You prayed for us and allowed the Holy Spirit to lead our discernment process and the advice you give us. THIS is why we thank God for you, Trish.

Trish makes home-buying fun and easy

Trish handled every aspect of our home purchase with competence and grace. She made buying our first home easy and fun!

Setting The Bar Higher

I think what separates you from the pack is that you care enough to ask what is the experience you have had with you.  I have watched you over the years and you are always setting the bar a bit higher.  You have both passion and compassion as you serve your clients.  I have always enjoyed being a part of your appreciation for your clients.

Look forward to 2016 with you!

Thank You For Having Our Best Interests At Heart

You are one of the kindest and most genuine ladies I have ever met.  Personally as well as professionally we know you have our families best interests at heart.  Words that come to mind are honesty, loyalty, transparency, trustworthy.

:) Beth

Trish knows her stuff about real estate

I have worked with Trish Hopkins four times on my own properties and have referred my divorce clients to her. I am thrilled with her service and continue to refer her to friends and family. She is very experienced in many different areas, she knows her stuff about real estate and works harder than any other real estate agent I have ever known. 
You can be sure you are in great hands with Trish Hopkins. She has more patience than Job and will go to the ends of the earth to make sure her clients are served as well as possible. 
Feel free to call me -- ask Trish for my number
Terri Harrington Attorney 

Consistent Communication

Trish was very good about consistent communication. She was very encouraging and made us feel like we were the only people that she was serving at the time. She went above and beyond the call in solving a conflict at closing. 

-Sean and Jennifer Dalton

Excellent Marketing

Trish is very professional and really cared about our personal needs. She definitely gave 100% to the marketing and sale of our home as well as the purchase of our new home. 

-John and Sue Conolly

Top Notch Marketing!

Trish went above and beyond any of our expectations. This was the 5th home we sold, and Trish was the best Realtor we have had. She added value to our family's experience in ways that we didn't even anticipate. Trish gave us such sound advice in our initial consultation, prepared us with helpful documents, and staged our home to enhance and highlight the unique features.
We haven't seen such professional top-notch marketing as hers. Our home sold quickly due to her diligence, hard work and years of experience. When it came time to the negotiations in selling and purchasing our new home, she offered us invaluable advice and guidance. Her professionalism was unprecedented.
We are so thankful for her service to our family which made our transition seamless. There are no words to describe what a blessing she has been to our family. 
April and Randy Stensgard


In 30 days, Trish designed/coordinated a kitchen & master bath renovation and helped me net an additional $100,000 for my house - WOW!

-Sam Arthur

Beyond Call of Duty

We have used Trish to buy and sell two times in the last 9 years. Both times, Trish went above and beyond the call of duty, including assisting with staging to ensure our house was ready to sell, and helped ensure we got the best price possible.
When looking for a new home, Trish was very in tune with what our needs were, and did an excellent job of finding the right home for our family.
Webb and Juanita McDonald

First Time Buyers, Great Experience

Thank you for guiding us through such a wonderful journey on our way to our first home. 

Joe & Caitlyn DiCola

Proactive Problem Solver

Trish and "proactive problem solver" are synonymous to us. No matter what issues we presented to her, she calmly and professionally answered our questions and found solutions to our concerns. She is an amazing person and it was so refreshing to work with someone who truly had our best interests are heart!

Not only did she successfully sell our home in Lone tree in less than 30 days, she then assisted us finding our beautiful new home, as well as a wonderful "beginner" home for our son!
john and Cathy Sweeney

You Went Above And Beyond - Thank You!

I wish Starbucks had million dollar gift cards, because that’s what I would have gotten you if they did. I’m SO incredibly thankful for all of your help, hard work, care, and support in selling our old house and buying my new home. You went above and beyond to help me and I felt so blessed by you through this process. Thank you for everything!
- Liz



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