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Advice to Sellers

Advice to Sellers:

The Denver Seller’s market continues and Buyer’s are remaining in the market. As a Seller, you should pretty much know what Buyers are looking for and know that you have to create a lasting impression as you are offering your home for sale. Are you aware that Buyers are now looking for “Smart Homes”? Smart homes are energy efficient and convenient. Smart homes now have new thermostats, lighting control, appliance automation, and security. Is your home a Smart Home?
Are you aware that certain Buyers are now making offers on homes available for sale without even having a showing time set or actually seeing the home?
Be aware that Smart Homes, Healthy Homes, and Life Style choices are a Buyer priority.
Seller preparation includes a good pricing comparison analysis, instructions on staging, what are the top improvements, introduction to a net sheet to understand the bottom line, and a conversation on how the market functions. As such, the homeowner looking to sell a home needs a professional who is a local expert, is hyper local market knowledgeable, and can assist in the Professional plan to sell one’s home. Now is the time to reach out to a Professional.



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